Registration website

Registration Website



The registration website contains all the key details of the event, including the program, location and registration form. A confirmation email is sent automatically after registration. The added value for visitors is that they are sent all practical information immediately and their participation is confirmed in a simple manner. The added value for event managers is that all the information needed to better organise the event can be administered more easily and so save a considerable amount of time.




  • A registration website shows all informational communication for an event
  • The layout is tailored to suit the event or the company's house style
  • Can be linked to an existing (event) website
  • Several general pages of welcome, program, location
  • Visitors can enrol themselves using the registration form on the website
  • Link to the right registration form per target group (VIP, speaker, etc.)
  • A confirmation message is displayed on the screen automatically and then sent by email
  • The completed details are repeated for verification
  • Video integration on the website
  • Set-up and display of Twitter reports


How do you manage the registration website?

  • After logging in, you get access to the registration management section of the site.
  • You can call up registrations and modify them if necessary.
  • In this way, you quickly get an answer to the question of whether a particular person has registered, whether the partner is coming too, what activities they are attending, etc.
  • You can also compile statistics such as the number of people per workshop, registrations per day, etc.
  • All information can also be downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet for various additional reports and overviews.



  • Congress
  - Program
  - Workshops
  - Closure when full
  • Family Day
  - With partner
  - Children (number, age, etc.)
  - Extra info for organising catering, entertainment, etc.
  - Activities: how many free seats needed?
  • Trade fairs
  - Tracking of visitors to the stand



  • Smooth registration procedure
  • Visitors have immediately all the right information
  • Easy for visitors to confirm their attendance
  • Better overview of who responded and who did not
  • Lists always up to date
  • Fast and efficient despatch of mailings and reminders
  • Registrations can be closed off automatically, depending on the project
  • Fewer no-shows by letting people unsubscribe
  • Closely track the response to your campaigns and see in real time how people click through to your registration form or website
  • A photo album or a download page of the presentations can be added after the event


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