Collect visitor information

Visitor information



After getting a clear overview with Eventsite of who will attend the event and a smooth reception of the guests with Eventcheckin, we offer various visitor information solutions with Eventplus.




  • Who attended what workshops?
  • Who went to which presentation?
  • What are the contact details of the visitors?
  • How long was a visitor present at a training session?



  • Give the hostess a small scanner for registering bar codes on badges of visitors
  • Put a tablet stand for your visitors so they can select their interests in a decision tree
    • Interest in kitchens, bedrooms or interior?
    • For interior, choose dressing or dining room?
  • Read the eID of visitors to gather contact details



  • Measure the success of workshops by knowing who was there
  • Send the PowerPoint file to the people who attended the presentation
  • After the event all the visitor information will be made available for further processing
  • Send a certificate to those people with a sufficient attendancy rating at the training